Become a Prospect

For when you are dreaming about jumpstarting your career.

Why become a prospect?

FREELANCE. By becoming a prospect, you are joining an exclusive call list. Browse through project offers, take your pick, experience deals, experience firms, build your expertise. Our goal is to allow for a self-paced, curriculum friendly approach to elite postings.
AIM HIGH. We have always worked with the best in the business and you should, too. There is no reason to forfeit your chance to work on prime deals because of university coursework. Nurture your resume, sign up, learn and look for the right deal with the right firm.
VALUE YOUR WORK. Prime deals cost prime money. Advisory fees are no exception and there is no reason that you should be selling yourself short. We constantly strive for offering above-market pay, while focused on maximum efficiency for our clients.
TAP INTO EXPERIENCE. We have been down the same road wearing similar shoes. After years in the business, we have now made it our mission to improve on both ends of the scale. We constantly strive to exceed our clients' expectations in regard to the quality of our work, while at the same time ensuring the best possible conditions for work and professional development of our prospects.

How to become a prospect?

Find out below if you are eligible for campus recruitment. Otherwise, you can apply by following the steps below.


coming soon.


Missed a chance for campus recruitment? Apply directly. Please note that we require certain information from you to be able to review your application. Proceed by following the four steps below.

1. Resume

The first thing we need from you is your resume in English, outlining your current experience.

2. Transcript

Next up is your academic transcript, outlining your academic performance (GPA if applicable).

3. Interview

A face-to-face interview helps us to understand more about your personality and motivation.

4. Handshake

Congratulations, you are now part of the team. Choose your projects, educate yourself, grow.
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